Great way to assess the nutritional needs of patients

Quickly and easily perform patient nutrition assessments.

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Simple to use – and provides information at a glance!

Simple to follow forms and fields walk you through an assessment. And can be sent to primary caregiver or printed for patient record.

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Access the application from your laptop or tablet wirelessly

All the information you need to complete an assessment or a kitchen inspection is at your fingertips.

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Takes the headaches out of dietary care

With many common calculations already completed for you and the ability to quickly compare past patient data, assessments can be done quickly and more accurately.

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Login to your Kitchen Sanitation Inspection app – quickly perform complete kitchen inspections right from your phone or tablet!

Save Time

1Quickly and easily do patient assessments and even perform kitchen inspections. Simple forms and check boxes will walk you through a complete patient assessment. Kitchen inspections are a snap by quickly clicking off the areas in compliance and easy reporting options to send to facility with score and recommendations.

More Secure

2Easily recall or compare former patient/facility data. Common patient data is already populated for subsequent patient visits, reducing repetitive input. Quickly compare and calculate weight loss and tube feedings and easily assess wounds and labs.

More Accurate

3Reduce/eliminate (health threatening) errors. By automatically calculating many of the formulas required to do your assessments, DietitiansAid will help reduce the chances of hitting a wrong number or applying an incorrect formula.

More Mobile

4Easily work from wherever, whenever from your laptop or tablet.*(wifi connection required) No more manual paper tracking or flipping through notebooks to recall patient information. Have all your information at your fingertips.